How to buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal

Download PayPal Temporary Credit Card List 2018

If you have heard about virtual credit cards, you know what a temporary credit card is. Basically, it is the same thing. A temporary credit card is all about card details which are valid for one-time-use only. These are very secure if you are purchasing something online and paying via your credit card. Everybody knows the number of credit card hacks which happen around the world every day. This is the reason why many actually go for a much safer way, using the virtual credit cards. One of the most famous virtual credit cards was the PayPal temporary credit card. Unfortunately, they have discontinued this service and now, one cannot avail a PayPal temporary credit card.

Once upon a time, PayPal used to offer a free feature which enabled the users to generate a virtual card number to purchase several items using their Paypal accounts itself.

Virtual visa gift card for paypal verified

Why did they discontinue PayPal temporary credit card?

At a certain point of time, PayPal discontinued it as a public feature since they were not able to generate the required transaction volume and revenue. This led to a stoppage in further development which marked the end of the feature.

People actually used to love the feature very much and it would have been better for PayPal if they would have sticked with it. Not only did it guarantee safety but also allowed people to spend their PayPal balance on websites that did not even accept PayPal. This is because the PayPal temporary credit card was treated as a legitimate credit card everywhere around the internet.

How to buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal

However, PayPal might have discontinued this service, but your bank or credit card provider has high chance of still going on with it. Many banks actually provide virtual credit cards because their priority is customer’s satisfaction and safety. Temporary credit cards are the safest and hence, loved by many people all around the world, especially in the era of growing cyber crimes.

Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card With Paypal

Virtual visa gift card is the new gift sensation of this era. Visa being one of the most genuine and recognizable brands in the world had added yet another type of virtual card in their lineup. This time however, it turned out the way it was supposed to. Many people have started believing that virtual visa gift card is the best e-Gift idea for your friends or your loved ones. By the way, did you have any idea that you can buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal? Well, that is absolutely true.

generate paypal temporary credit card

If you are looking for a last minute gift to give to somebody who means alot to you, virtual visa gift card is what you should opt for. If you actually buy virtual visa gift card with Paypal or any other payment option and decide to send it as a gift, the person will receive it via email. Such is the flexibility of virtual cards. These are some things that the plastic cards can never do and hence gives the virtual visa gift card an upper hand.

How to buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal?

Previously, it was a hassle to buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal, but now there are many websites which offer you this option. Highly reputed websites like Gift Cards and Gift allows you to buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal. If you think even this is a hassle, worry no more. You can also buy gift cards from PayPal directly without relying on any other website whatsoever.

How to verify virtual credit card with paypal

The virtual visa gift card is available both online and offline. This is a good part because if you do not find any website in your country that lets you buy virtual visa gift card with PayPal, you can find a grocery store in your area that takes PayPal. All you need to do then is ask them for virtual visa gift cards and pay them via PayPal. This is not the most convenient way but it can be called the only saviour, for many.

Get Free Instant Virtual Visa E Gift Card 2018

Visa is world’s one of the most recognizable and trusted brands. The line-up of their products is what a quintessential brand like this needs. From debit cards to credit cards and then to virtual debit cards, undeniably this line up is good. Adding to it, the new instant virtual visa gift card is also making a lot of name in the market. This is also being considered as one of the best gifts you can give to your friend or loved one. Hence, we can actually say that the main motive of instant virtual visa gift card is fulfilled.

virtual visa instant gift card


The best part about the instant virtual visa gift card is the fact that it is also available online. You need not stand in big queues just to get one card. All you need to do is sit back home and enter the information that the required on their website and apply for it. Also, if you have an instant virtual visa gift card, you can redeem it at every internet or even mail order. Basically, wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, you can use your instant virtual visa gift card. If you are interested in real active credit card numbers with money already on them click here.


Coming to the negative parts, it has no cash or ATM access. This means that the amount you have in your gift card cannot be converted into cash. It can only be spent when you buy something and pay via it. And again, since it is a virtual card, you have to remember the card details. It is not physical and you cannot just swipe it to buy stuffs. The details of the card is what matters and you should never lose it.


When you buy your instant virtual visa gift card, you can choose the card design yourself either among the list of designs they provide or customize your own design. This makes it look much attractive, unique and definitely serves to the fact that it is a “gift” card, after all. Download all information

Create Virtual Credit Card Free


Virtual credit cards are not even cards in the literal sense. In case you don’t already know, it is a randomly generated number which is believed to protect your actual credit card information when you are shopping online. If you really want to protect your financial data, all you need to do is create virtual credit card. Many cyber-crimes are witnessed every day, most of which are related to credit cards. People somehow leak your credit card details and then use the limit for purchasing products they want. You don’t want to compromise on your financial status, do you? Hence, many people have opted to create virtual credit card to keep their traditional credit card’s information absolutely safe.


Advantages of creating a virtual credit card


  1. This is one of the best ways to protect your traditional credit card’s information.


  1. You can put limitations on your credit card if you think somebody else is using it already.


  1. If you want to create virtual credit card, the best part is that it is completely free. No extra fee has to be paid for such an undeniable protection.


  1. It is also widely accepted and you need not worry about the area constraints, at least.


How to create virtual credit card?


As good as it is for online usage is as easy as it is to create. The growing popularity of the virtual credit cards have made many of the online wallet offer it. The first priority of every online wallet or even banks has to be the safety of the customers’ financial data. This is the reason why even banks are offering disposable one-time prepaid cards which are called the virtual credit cards. To create virtual credit card, all you need to do is ask the bank. They will ask your credit card information first, so that they can issue a virtual credit card. It usually happens instantly but sometimes it can take some minutes. On online wallets however, you just have to sign up and opt to create virtual credit card. It is as simple as that.

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