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Welcome to our Here we are sharing best ways to make money online from home without investment also still good working in 2018.

how to make money online

Everyone knows the importance of the money in their life. Many people say that money is not everything but I believe before you saying the above statement you should have enough money. I also was born in a middle-class family and hope you aware when your expenses are more than income. People fall in bad credit situation very quickly. So we have to find that best way “How to make money online without paying anything”. You can check another article on how to make money online from home at

Nowadays if a person has a computer and an internet connection can make huge money online without investment. Certainly, they need some guidance in proper field to earn money online. There are some make money online fast ways which you can apply without paying anything. However, you have to invest your highly valuable thing that is Time. Time is priceless, once it goes never come back again.

Here are the top 5 ways to make money online.

  1. Youtube channel:

    you can start your own youtube channel free of cost. Nowadays many people making millions of dollars per year with youtube only. It’s very effective and fast making money process. Believe me, you can see your first couple of bucks very first day. What is the need while making a youtube channel?

    earn money online with youtube

Apart from computer and internet connection, you need a Gmail id or google account to create your youtube channel. Also, you need to take an action to start. Make a video of a 2-3 minute and upload on your channel. After uploading, you have to monetize your video. Now it’s time to start promotion for your video, here you can take the help of social media platform like FB, Twitter, Tumblr etc. you can start promotion with your family and friend on social media. You just start today you will learn rest thing itself by the time, believe me.

What to do for making a video to upload on the channel?

Here I am giving you my secret formula for start-ups.

Take any trending topic from google, bing or yahoo. Make a video of the 2-3 minute on that topic you like most. You will get the great response on your videos, just try it. This is the best answer for your query how to make money online without paying anything.

  1. Blogging:

    it is also a great source to earn money online from home but you need to invest a couple of bucks here. The time take in this process to earn money is also long. You have to learn many things here like SEO/SMO, website building, and article writing. Some of the above services you can outsource but again you need some more money to outsource them. But once everything is line-up you will make money 24×7. Here you can find many tutorials on SEO & all. You can purchase the already made and ranked website also from any SEO online seller. But that cost you 10 times more than actually making cost. However, you will save your time here in making and getting ranking.  earn money with blog without investment

  2. Email Marketing:

    email marketing is also a better way to make money online without paying anything. In this process, you need a collection of email ids. You can start the promotion of other online products for sale of these emails. You will get the commission from the seller on each and every single sale. You just follow some guidelines according to the seller and start the product promotion. Here is also a pinpoint formula you can take your family and friends email id just analyze their taste of shopping. You can pick the product for promotion according to their taste and start selling them.

    make money online with email marketing

  3. Article Writing:

    Another best way to make money online without investment is article writing. Many people who are earning money online with the above process need articles frequently. They need all time keyword based articles to develop their websites. You can write articles for them. The major question arises here how you get that orders, so my dear friends there are many websites/portals where you can register yourself as a writer. People always looking for good content writers, you make a quality, you will get a lot of work there. You can use some social media groups also to get these projects just join that groups you will find many buyers for your services. Here well-known websites for these type of services are Fiverr, iwriter, upwork or other freelancing websites where you can register and start. Just try and you will get success.

  4. Affiliate marketing:

    This is also an excellent way to earn money online without paying anything. In this process, you can take a product from e-comm sites or other famous selling portals like Amazon. You need to register on their website to become affiliate associates who allow selling their products with affiliate marketing. After registration, you need to pick a product and start marketing for that to earn money online as a commission from the seller. Here you can take advantage of facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and the LinkedIn group also to promote your product affiliate link. This will also help in regard searching how to make money online without paying anything.

how to make money online without paying anything

Little about me: I have also seen the worst phase in my life after a loose job. I have invested my priceless 1 year time in learning SEO. During that learning process I have failed many times but never quit learning. I am an average mind person and believe me if I can do certainly you can do. I strongly believe…

“First Learn then remove L”.

So hope you got an answer for your query “how to make money online without paying anything”. But still, the fact is that without paying anything you will get nothing. In all process mention above you are also investing your valuable time. So start today my best wishes to you.

make money online from home

Hope you got some inspiration with my words if so then share this post with your friends and family. Maybe someone in need gets some benefit from these methods. Your sharing will be a positive feedback for me.


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